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Brazil Collection

Based on the theme “Brazil”, the collection brings together five artists, invited to produce zines. Each one of the authors chose two colors for her/his publication, which will be materialized using Riso.

The titles are:

Nação Travesti (Transgender Nation), by Bárbara Macedo, in black and red; Uma certa bandeira (A certain flag), by Daniela Maura, in black and fluorescent pink; Ao Meu Eu Criança (To myself as a child), by Ing Lee, in green and red; tô pra dizer que, apesar de tudo, gosto de viver aqui (I am about to tell you that, despite everything, I like to live here), by marco sem s, in black and yellow; <Com Ciência Negra: Cientistas Afrofuturistas/> (<Black ConScienceNess: Afrofuturist Scientists />), by Zaika dos Santos, in green and red.

The format of the zines is 10.0 cm X 14.0 cm, 32 pages, riso printed on 90g pollen bold paper, bound with staple.