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Fúria (Fury)

Publication of the Ko Zine series, part of Knust’s book projects, a result from the collaboration between Knust, Prumo and Faísca International Riso Festival.

Fúria is an artist book by Bruno Rios and Matheus Ferreira, from Prumo, together with Knust. It was developed based on the visual identity created by the duo for Faísca in 2020.

Throughout the conversations for Knust’s participation in the festival, the organization of Faísca proposed to the Dutch group the production of a printed result that could come from the visual identity. When the members of Knust got to know this work by Prumo, they observed that it was related to the concept of the Ko Zine series, focused on highlighting the subtleness in ‘small’ publications, considering that this word does not mean ‘less’, but a format that offers a great opening for several possibilities.

Unlike the other editions of the Ko Zine project, this collaborative process was all developed from a distance, generating limitations and, with them, new opportunities and paths.

The work was materialized in yellow, cornflower and raspberry red, colors selected by Astrid Florentinus, member of Knust and creator and coordinator of the Ko Zine series. In addition to assigning new colors and meanings for the artwork, further expanding the ideas opened by the authors’ creativity, Astrid led the prepress, printing and finishing processes of Fúria. For the binding, Bona Lee also participated in the process.

There are 150 copies of the title. 75 stayed in the Netherlands, with Knust, and 75 were sent to Brazil.

For international shipping, please visit Knust’s website at www.knustpress.nl.