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To exist is a dream until it is not anymore

 To exist is a dream until it is not anymore (Existir é sonho até não ser mais) is the first publication of Faísca Lab label. It was printed live on the festival’s program, as a result of a collective process with the six participants of zine life workshop, led by Taís Koshino (Fuio Printshop). This activity reflects on the possibilities of virtual collective workspaces. An exchange of knowledge, experiences and inspiration. The two parts of the workshop are available through Faísca YouTube channel.

Participating artists:

Adriane Oliveira
Carla Antunes
João Raul
Juliana Rogge
Mumu Paulino
Vitória Morão
Impressão e coordenação: Taís Koshino / Fuio Printshop.